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    Jun 4, 2007
    Just wanted to pass along a great find on a thermometer. After reading all of your posts, I began looking for one with a remote sensor that I could keep in the coop to monitor temps in the winter. I found several models from Oregon Scientific that look great in this regard. If you move up from their bottom of the line thermometers, you can also get the option of a programmable high and low temp alert. In the short term, this will be a great way for me to make sure that the brooder temp doesn't run too hot or cool at night without running all the way downstairs. I like the fact that it will have an audible alert in this case (which will hopefully be enough to wake me [​IMG] ). Some models also have an ice alert to warn you when temps have dipped to freezing outside; great for knowing when you might need to go out and turn on the heat lamp for those of us in cold climates!

    Prices I've seen range from 16.99 to the high 50's. Luckily, Target had a great sale through today (just found it tonight) which saved me $10 on one of the programmable alert models.

    Range on the sensor is 100' (don't know if it is farther on higher end models). Many have the capacity to add on additional sensors, too.

    Guess this will put me one step closer to a webcam...[​IMG]
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