Green bean preservation question.

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  1. Vagirl

    Vagirl In the Brooder

    Jan 3, 2008
    I ahve 5 nice rows of green beans, have never canned before but was wondering if anyone has frozen them? I have blanched tomatoes then dipped in ice cold water to get off peels, cut them up and frozen them and they turn out good for sauces, etc. But I don't know for green beans, anyone? Thanks, Kim
  2. ChickenToes

    ChickenToes Songster

    May 14, 2008
    NE Wisconsin
    You can blanch the beans for 3 or 4 minutes, then cool in ice water and freeze.
  3. JennsPeeps

    JennsPeeps Rhymes with 'henn'

    Jun 14, 2008
    South Puget Sound
    Make sure you dry them well and freeze on cookie sheets or you'll have a frozen lump!
  4. ponderchick

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    Apr 11, 2008
    east texas
    My family and I tried canning them and blanching them. Our blanched ones came out way better than the ones we canned.
  5. JennsPeeps

    JennsPeeps Rhymes with 'henn'

    Jun 14, 2008
    South Puget Sound
    I canned dilly beans last year with good success. They were crisp and delicious! Try some!
  6. chickymama25

    chickymama25 In the Brooder

    Jun 27, 2008
    I am going to try to blanch and freeze this year, but I am a true freezer burn hater. So, while browsing around at Walmart, I found the handheld Reynold's food vacuum. It was only $10, the zipper bags are relatively cheap. I think it did a great job sucking the air out of my strawberries this summer, so I am going to try it with my green beans too. Just a thought for ya!! Good luck.[​IMG]
  7. DuckLady

    DuckLady Administrator

    Jan 11, 2007
    NE Washington State
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Reynold's sealer.
    I use it for everything. I stocked up on bags on sale. THeya re quite spendy. But the savings on food and not risking freezer burn is worth it. You can wash and reuse them a couple of times, too.

    I have a big seal a meal, but the little sealer is great when you only have a few things to package.
  8. coondog74017

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    Jun 14, 2008
    If you put alot of stuff in the in the freezer you need to invest in a vacuum packer you can get one a waltmart for around $119.00 You put your geen beans in it and they will taste like new beans 2 years later every thing I put in the freezer, fish, meat or vegees last until I take the out. No freezer burns it takes all the air and moister out of the package I serve fish that been pack three or four years ago and you can't tell that it is not fresh. I'm disable and never know what year I get to fish so when I do I put enough in the freezer to last for a year or two. This is the best investment I ever made by getting a vacuum packer.
  9. MandyH

    MandyH You'll shoot your eye out!

    I freeze everything, in fact I am in the process of looking for a second freezer. Just blanch them like you would peas or butterbeans and freeze them in ziploc bags. They will taste good a year from now.
  10. Rooster Bob

    Rooster Bob In the Brooder

    Sep 18, 2010
    Have you ever tried leather britches,my mother used to take a needle and thread and string the beans and hang them in kitchen. when they dry they look like leather hince the name leathrbritches, when cooking unstring beans put in pot with piece of streaked lean pork boil till done. served with big cake of cornbread. hush your mouth thts good.

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