green goo on chick

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Urban Chaos

8 Years
Feb 9, 2011
well, the good news is that I've a newly hatched chick with 2 more pips. HOWEVER - I'm worried about this first chick. It hasnt stood up yet (been over 5 hrs since hatch), and has a neon greenish goo on it. Is this left over from egg goo? Little thing is just sticky, its not cute and fluffy like other pics I've seen. Kind of matted feathers all over. Do I need to do something or just let it be?
Just leave it ..prob isn't dry yet..mine are like that all wet and sticky looking for at least half a day...depends on your humidity if they dry off quicker...and yes you'll see bits
stuck or hanging off your chicks till it dries that are leftover from the hatch...
I had one chick do that to me. I kept washing him off with warm running water, then finally realized he had major problems! The neon green was coming out of his intestinal system, which was positioned to come out above his tail. About the time I caught on to his deformities, he moved on to chickie heaven... poor thing. I do hope your chick doesn't have the same issues.
my chick passed away to Heaven also last thur. but she only had green wierd poop!!! we also saw that you could see right through her bottem area and we think she might have had internal bleedin.
she also couldnt stand and she was sleepy alot and barely ever opened her eyes. but again she also had the what seemed like matted hair too!!! i hope all goes well and will pray for you!!
God bless!!

<3 kelsey

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