Green Mallard Eggs?


Jun 10, 2019
I hatched a single mallard this summer. She is an adult and lives currently with my Welsh Harlequins. I just packaged all of my eggs for the week and noticed that there were some green duck eggs. I've only gotten a few so far. Are they coming from my mallard? This is my first female mallard, my last one was male and unfortunatly died earlier this year. I have olive eggers and Easter Eggers living in the same area but I don't think they are laying these eggs because they have a more velevety shell like my duck eggs do. Could they be mallard eggs?
These are the eggs


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We have two little Mallard hens that started laying awhile back, Miss Piggy's eggs are a greenish color and her sister Porky's eggs are light brownish. Both are very tasty! :)
I thought that also about Mallards, our two little girls have been staying very consistent with one egg each every day. Their eggs are much smaller over the bigger white Rouen/Pekin eggs, but no complaints here. :celebrate

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