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Apr 22, 2008
I know I have seen pictures of this before, though we have never seen it in one of our birds. We had a batch that was quite a bit larger than usual. The largest bird dressed out at 8.5lbs though most were in the 6-7lb range. This evening, I got an email from a customer who described this problem and sent along some pictures. I'm certain it was caused because the bird was so large and the tissue was damaged. My question is, how common is this? We have never let our birds get this big before (and will never again), and now I am worried that all the birds we sold this time around are going to have this damage to the breast. This would be awful considering many people who bought from us this batch, were first-time customers. Is this something that happens with most birds that get that large or is it an anomaly?
I had discoloration on the breast of a bird that I had given tylan 50 injections. Can't remember how long it had been since last injection, but the difference in color was visible when I skinned the bird. I opted not to keep it for my consumption. Threw it out for the coyotes.
Green Muscle Disease or Deep Pectoral Myopathy

Increased incidence with heavier market weight. More likely in males. Pre-slaughter wing activity increases occurances. It is not uncommon. It can happen with turkeys also. Do a search; it should turn up some good information for you.

I hope it was the only isolated incidence for you.
I've looked at information online and appreciate the help. I'm hoping to hear from someone who has had it happen and/or someone who raises their cornish to a large size.
I've had it once in the first batch of 12 CX males I did - all the same size (about 5-6lbs). Only one had it. I parted the green meat area out and we ate the rest with no ill effects.

In the recent batch of 40, I don't recall any green, but most were sold, and no one has said anything (other than asking to have more when I do more). I did have two with deep bruising in the wing joint that occured sometime before processing, and I chose to remove the wings and part them out because it was unsightly. Those were a mix of male and female, dressing out from 5 to just under 7lbs.

I wouldn't worry to much, and would offer to refund the customer without question for that one bird. I don't think it's horrible exactly, just unsightly. The rest of the meat on the bird should be fine, and the green area discarded. If the customer chooses to chuck the whole bird, their loss, but I don't think it will affect every single bird or even a majority of the ones you sold. There might be a handful, and if you're contacted, just explain the large weight causes it, you're sorry, and would they like a refund for the affected bird.
There was a thread on here not that long ago that had that happen. We were saying tissue damage from bruising....even though we all know cx don't really roost and such..even a slight fall from a step could cause some serious bruising there a chance it could have fallen even 6 inches? Even a slight fall ?

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