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    First of all, thank you to everyone who hangs around this section giving out advice and probably answering the same questions over and over. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I was going to list names but I would forget someone, but I know those who do that probably know who they are! Secondly, here's the coop. First, here's what we started with, a dilapidated greenhouse-turned-wood-storage in a poor spot for a greenhouse.
    We originally figured we would just sheathe around the framing that was there, but as we took down the trellis and plastic walls, we realized the frame was pretty rotten. The base was nice and solid and level though, and the timbers are in good shape, so we used those. It is 8x10, and will hold 23 chickens this summer, which I realize is too many. I had originally been under the impression (before I came here much) that 4 sq ft per bird was an ideal number, not a minimum number. But some of them are bantams, and they are all straight run, and we may sell a few pullets if we end up with a lot. They will be mostly free ranging or pastured (over 1/4-1.5 acres depending) this summer, and we're hoping to be down to about 10-12 before the rainy season hits again. I don't know if they'll still want to free range at that point so I don't want a crowded coop. Anyway, there is more info on my blog . For now, I'm beat, and my dad is in town tomorrow, so I just want to go to bed. I'm hoping once he's gone again to figure out how to post a more detailed BYC page. Once it's painted I'll add it to the coop pages.

    Outside (will be painted once it stops raining). The ramp is on hinges. We made the side windows and the door from scratch. The side windows are hinged.

    Roosts and nest boxes. We covered the nest boxes so they won't sleep in them. Once they are closer to laying age we'll uncover them. The roost is on hinges and will swing up. I'm wondering if they'll need a ramp to get up there. There is sand underneath it right now. The water will be a PVC nipple waterer but it's curing over night so for tonight they got my dog's water dish.

    Looking towards the pop door. I actually want to put a lock of some sort on the inside of the pop door tomorrow, just in case. I tried and tried to open it from outside and couldn't, but a predator would probably be more determined than I am.

    The 9 older chicks in their new home. I'm betting they will love being able to stretch their wings (the brooder they were in only allows for just under 2 sq ft each and they were becoming cramped). I am a bit worried though, hopefully normal first night worries. The windows are all closed up, but the front and back gable ventilation and the ventilation in the eaves is all open. It's not at all drafty in there, I'm sure they'll be fine...

    Now we just have to finish their run. As I said, they will likely be either free range or in rotating pastures this summer, but we want a run too just in case, plus it's easier to cover for the rainy season. We were only going to do the run 18x10 (just happens to work out perfectly in the spot we chose, and uses up just under 50 feet of fencing which is what the rolls come in), but now that we have posts in it looks tiny, even if the plan is to not lock them in it most days. So I don't know, we may expand it somewhat still.
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    [​IMG] Nice!!
  3. gryeyes

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    VERY nice, indeed! Your flock is going to be very happy with that as their home!
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    GORGEOUS!! They will LOVE it.
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    Love the yellow!!!!
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    That looks wonderful! Looks like it could be a nice guest house.....I'm packin' my bags and I'll be right over.....[​IMG]
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    Looks great! Good job!
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    Quote:[​IMG] My dad is coming to visit starting today. He asked "Are those chickens out of my bedroom yet?" I told him "actually, they're staying in the house, but we just finished your new bedroom!" (Funny thing is, the chickens weren't in the room he'll be staying in at all anyway, and we still have 14 chicks in the house.)

    Thanks all! I went to check on the chicks last night. They are 8-14 weeks old, so I know they should be more than fine, but it still gets down close to freezing some nights. I peeked in and couldn't see them, even opening one of the windows and calling to them through the hardware cloth. Not a peep. I shined a light around, no chicks. I went around to the door and it was closed and the rocks I had piled still in front of it. I opened up the top of the dutch door (and the locks are still really stiff so it took a while), peered in, called, no chicks still. I was feeling a bit concerned, but trying to work out in my head how chicks would have got out of a closed and locked coop. What did I miss? Moved all the rocks, opened the bottom half, walked in, still no chicks. Checked the roosts, nothing. Finally found them in a big pile behind the log the water is sitting on. When I shone the light back there, a few of them finally moved enough to give me the stink eye. Like, you have the nerve to put us out in this cold coop overnight, and now you have the nerve to disturb our sleep. Go away lady. [​IMG] They didn't look the least bit impressed with me. So I snuck out again, made sure the rocks were back and the locks were locked, and I've decided unless I actually see an animal snooping around I just won't check on them at night anymore. Will they use the roost on their own or should I be putting them up there at night?
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    Looks Great!!
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    Good Job!

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