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Apr 25, 2014

I'm WyandotteBiased. I owned 2 Wyandottes but sadly one passed away a few days ago. I also have a Light Sussex and a Silkie Bantam who i dyed pink with non-toxic food dye. :3 I also owned an Araucana before she passed away last month.

My first chickens were two chicks from my school. They were supposed to be both little girls but one started crowing. Oopsies! But the other was a hen.
They were given to my mums friend and i visit them regularly. My second batch was two pullets from a farmers market. [A Pekin and a Spangled Hamburg.] = Both boys.. Ooops again.

And then i got my hens who i have now.

I am young (Still in High school.) but i am extremely enthusiastic about keeping poultry. When i graduate i really hope to breed Heritage breeds here in Australia. I study poultry [Mainly chickens] regularly at home and have just found this website. ( Yay! ).

My talents include: Being able to tell a pullet from a rooster (Through experience.), being lazy, pointing out different breeds of chicken effortlessly and being able to sit on the internet for hours without a break.

Thank you for welcoming me to this website, i am happy to be here. <3

~ WB

Welcome to BYC!

So sorry for your losses. But it sounds like you are very devoted to learning all you can about poultry! I wish I had done something like this when I was younger. And yes, I think the lazy spells will continue all throughout life.

Have you found the Australia thread yet? Lots of members from your area you can connect with here...

Good l luck in life and with all your projects!! Make yourself at home here on BYC and welcome to our flock!
Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! Sorry about the loss of your girls, it's tough to lose pets. Pink is a nice color for chickens, am sure they are lovely! Sounds like you have gotten a lot of practice at figuring out who the roos are, hope the next ones you get turn out to be pullets!
TwoCrows gave you the link to your area thread, and there are some really nice Heritage Breed threads if you want to do a search, think you have many of the same breeds available, here is the main one.

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