Greetings from Colorado


6 Years
Aug 31, 2013
Colorado Springs, CO
Hello, we are just finishing up our newly built coop and looking forward to filling it with 3 or 4 frizzled polish pullets... Which I have yet to find, so if anyone knows of a great source for frizzled polish pullets, please let me know.
Greetings from Kansas, BarkingFrogFarm, and
! Great to have you with us! You might try the CO thread in this link - maybe someone local can help you out.

And there is at least one Polish thread in the link below...not sure about Frizzled Polish.

Good luck to you!
Welcome to BYC. Go to the "Social" forum and check the 'Where am I? where are you!' section - locate your state thread and perhaps someone local can help you obtain birds.
Hi and :welcome

Those are some good suggestions, good luck with finding some chickens!
Enjoy the site. :D
when you have 20 posts you can participate in BYC Buy,sell, trade forum. I drop in now and then and I have seen frizzles on there from time to time but they probably would have to be shipped and that's adds a big chunk to their price.

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