Greetings From Nova Scotia

Jun 19, 2017
Nova Scotia, Canada
Hello all, I too am a new back yard chicken enthusiest. My wife, daughter and I purchased 9 chicks (3 black australorps, 3 easter eggers and 3 barred rock) at a local poultry swap in our home town. The ages varried from 2 days to 3 weeks - wont do that again. The older ones are now outside permanently with the rest joining durring the day... some squacking to sort out, but I am hopeful everyone will learn to get along. :) Just when I was starting to get excited about getting the chicks out of the house, my wife won an on-line auction for 12 Siver Laced Wyandotte chicks - rouchly 1 week old. So, the house is full of "peeps" again... love it!
Anyway, I am super happy to be a part of the group and look forward to sharing with and extracting information from the huge knowledge base. Yes, I am going to be another post looking for help sexing my chickens.

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