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Dec 12, 2019
My name is Filipe Teixeira and I have chickens for 3 years now. Initially only had 4, but last year it has grown to 11 and this week I have bought 11 small ones.
I only have them for the eggs.
Came here to look for coop designs that I can built :)

If I end up building one will post the results.
Hi Filpie,
i am not familiar with what predators you have in Portugal. but your building will have to take that into consideration and also your climate and weather.
here in America people throw out and discard all kinds of good materials for building a coop. lumber, doors, windows and hardware.
my coop is built from all recycled stuff except the roof joists which i purchased at the lumber yard.
definitely show us your creation along the way.
Welcome to the Backyard!

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