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    Hi, All,

    Perhaps it has happened to you. Someone knows you keep a certain kind of animal, and they ask you questions about other kinds of animals.

    I am working on a little report on the basics of caring for quail, just an outline really.

    One thing we have discussed a bit on the Duck Forum is the kinds of things that make caring for injuries and illness a bit easier, whether a person is out in the bush somewhere without veterinary care, or it's late at night and treatment needs to start right away, till the vet is available.

    Here are some things that duck people keep around. Could you look this over and let me know if any of this is forbidden for quail? Thanks.

    Epsom salt (used with care for flushing toxins or treating external injury)
    Antibiotic ointment
    Oregano (natural antimicrobial)
    Turmeric (natural mild anti inflammatory)
    Food grade activated charcoal (or finely ground clean hardwood charcoal – not from trash-burning fires)
    Flexible wrapping for wing and leg injuries
    Syringes for feeding ill birds and for medicine
    Saline solution for rinsing wounds
    Comfrey salve with St. John’s wort for muscle pulls
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    LOL....Love the title to this thread! Welcome to the world of Quail!!

    All of what you have listed is great to use on quail! Epsom is wonderful for bumblefoot on quail since doing a surgery can be difficult with such tiny pads and feet! Of course antibiotic lotions and sprays are very easy to use on them. Something to add as an anti inflammatory... I have found that ACV, as simple as it is, makes for a wonderful anti inflammatory. I once had a male quail with Gout and I was able to control it with ACV. Most herbs that are safe for other poultry can be used on quail.

    Let us know if you need any other info! :)
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