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  1. I'm 42, an Air Force vet who's 3 yrs away from military retirement, and my dream is to move as far away from the city and suburban life as possible and raise a hobby farm with chickens (bantams and standard, whatever), raise honeybees and use the chickens' poop to fertilize an organic garden which the honeybees will pollinate. I want to name this place "Birds and the Bees Farm: We ooze fertility." That was my wife's idea actually. I'm ready to turn my "sword" into a "plowshare" and live a quiet simple life.

    My birthday was yesterday, and my wife gave me a gift known a $60 book called the APA Standard of Perfection. It was my request. She rolls her eyes, because she's not really into chickens at all, but tolerates them for my pleasure.

    I joined the S.P.P.A. (Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities) and the American Bantam Association just recently.

    I began raising fowl when I was 11. I hatched my first chicks, two mixed breed bantam pullets on Labor Day weekend. I took a 25 yr hiatus from chicken raising, when I went to college and joined the military.

    I hatched about 18-19 baby bantams over the past 3 days, and am I beat! I forgot that I never sleep when a hatch happens. I took vacation leave to do this, and forgot how thereapeutic the whole hatch event really is to a chicken nerd like myself.

    The little chick I posted an emergency post on 2 hrs ago has a hobbled now that I made it. I believe it was congenital splayed leg. Hope the hobble works!

    I have 3 children, girl, girl, boy, ages 21, 17, 15. My 21 yr old is engaged to be married next Memorial Day. Pray for me, a new Father of the Bride!

    That's it from me, let's here about you.
  2. JudyMcKinn

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    Jan 24, 2007
    SW MO
    Welcome back to the world of chickens. Very addictive, I must say, but you already know that.
    I had good luck with a hobble on a splayed-leg chick, so hope it works for you.
    You will meet a lot of very helpful chicken lovers here, so check in often. Good luck with the babies.
  3. joanm

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    May 13, 2007
    Greetings Keith! Yall must be from the south! I just started a little flock of my own, not near as big as some of these great people on this forum! Loads of fun and info here. Welcome!
  4. Poison Ivy

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    May 2, 2007
    Naples, Florida
    Hi & Welcome to the board! One can never have to many chickens!
  5. chickedeefarm

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    Apr 24, 2007
    Gavilan Hills
    Hi Keith - welcome to the board!
    Congratulations on your hatch. I have a few hatching this sunday and I'm already on stand by. There are always those that like to hatch out early. [​IMG]

    I raise silkie bantams and my huband raises bantam leghorns. It is very addictive and fun.I'm always learning something new.

  6. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana
    Welcome DH retired from the AF in 2000. [​IMG] We could not waite to get as far away from the "military life" as possible, and get on with our love for the country. So, we moved to a VERY SMALL town in Indiana....I small, we dont even have a super wal mart. [​IMG] LOL Then we moved 10 miles out of that town, to a smaller town....there are about 20 homes in our new post office....just houses. [​IMG] We thought, great!!! Away from it all. Well, last year, the military decided to take over a piece of land, and make it into Muscatatuck Urban Training Center. Just 5 miles from us!! Now we are in the flight path...those suckers buzz the house and rattle our windows. Just like living on base again. Hubby just smiles and says..." THATS the sound of freedom" Yeah, ok...LOL
    We are trying to open a farm rescue here... Heavens Door Acres. I hope you and your family find your little piece of heaven...and GOOD LUCK being the " father of the bride" ( Ours are all married and moved away whew!) [​IMG]
  7. Mac in Wisco

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    May 25, 2007
    SW Wisconsin
    Quote:Me too, I've got 18 years in and I tell the wife that I want to graze dairy cattle and raise chickens and she just laughs...
  8. Debbie: My heart goes out to you in INdiana. Sad to find your dream property, only to have the "old" life find you![​IMG]

    Anyways, thanks for the welcome.

    To mac, AMEN brother! I actually passed year 20 on May 27th. 20 yrs = pension = security;) Anyway I'm biding my time. I live in Northern Virginia (I work at the Pentagon) and there is land in Fauquier County that is HEAVEN on earth, it looks like farm scenes in rural Europe. No wonder our forefathers settled here, it looked like their homeland. I probably can't afford to buy here. Developed land runs nearly 100K an acre. I'm sure a 6 acre farm would run 7-800K, and that's with the market bottomed out right now.
  9. AK-Bird-brain

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    May 7, 2007
    Sterling, Alaska
    Y'all need to move to the Kenai Peninsula, and join in our chicken madness. [​IMG] We're small town, secluded, and lots of room to breathe. Congratulations, both on the pending retirement and your daughter's engagement! Both major milestones in life, and meant to be enjoyed!
  10. Alleyoops25

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    May 14, 2007
    I just wanted to say welcome keith, And Then thank you and all of the other Vets that are on this forum for all your sacrifices that you gave to protect us. You guys diserve more than you are getting. Anyway Thanks.

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