Grey Silkie eggs , NPIP auction, BIN.


10 Years
Jan 30, 2009
Dozen Gray Silkie eggs for sale.


Price includes shipping. Will ship extras. Fertility confirmed.

Will ship today or tomorrow.
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These are beautiful Silkies. Do you breed them to have proper crests, beards, correct toes and skin color etc? The coloring is very nice also I haven't seen Blue Cream SIlkies before.

For proper breeding would this color variety need to be penned separate to keep it true or do other colors work with this variety? I currently have Blue/Splash Silkies.
They used to be called Porcelain. Yes, I breed for show, etc. You have to keep them separate in order to maintain the correct color.

Ok Thank You! I do know the color Porcelain so that helps. I am going to think about and may PM you once Im ready to bring in more Silkies.

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