Greylag Goose Needs Help.


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Hello. Today I rescued a graylag goose from terrible owners (who will be reported to animal control). But this goose needs help NOW. The previous owners have a large flock of geese 4 of which have been laying in their field dead for the last 3 days. Ive been monitoring one for a few days and no one seemed to care. Today I jumped their fence and took it and bought it home. Its starving and can hardly walk. It has no external wounds but is very shakey and falls after a few steps. Its beak also looks really weird almost spongey/squishy but its not soft just looks like it. I filled a baby pool for it to swim in and gave it cracked corn and chicken feed (thats the best I had) for tonight and warm place to nest. Has anyone ever seen this before or know what could be wrong with it. The other dead geese makes me suspect that its some type of disease. They are usually well taken care of and perfectly healthy. But it seems that the owners have decided not to take care of the animals (horses, goats, emus, cows, chickens, geese, donkeys). Their property and animals have been going down for a few months now. Could it just be starving to death??? It ate a LOT when I gave it food. They have NO access to water that im aware of.
I intend on giving it back....but form my understanding its not the first time that animal control has been called on them. I would have just given it food and left it there (like I did yesterday) but they have about ten horses in the same field with the geese and they would have stepped on it if I didn't take it. This is a neighbor of mine and the goose is just on my side of the fence (where its safe) instead of theirs where it wasent going to make it through the night. I am in no way trying to disclose the fact that I have their goose. I have enough animals I don't need theirs. I just live in a small town it may take days before anyone comes out to evaluate it. If they checked on their pets they will see right through the fence that I have it. I just want to keep it comfortable until someone else will.
I do not think the Animal control would consider it stealing when told the other geese are dead in the field!! They would consider that you were helping the goose by giving it feed and water. So do not worry about it. Tell them when you call about all of the animals. Maybe something has happened to the owners or they can not afford to feed their animals and Animal Control and the Police need to be called to find out just what is going on.
This sounds serious if you have been watching their animals slowly going down in weight for awhile and if they have been there before there is a problem that needs authorities attention!!! And right now before more animals start dropping dead........
I know what their situation is and I have talked to them before. I have talked to other people about it and the local vet and pound. As of right now im not sure that animal control is going to do anything. Im definitely not worried about "stealing their goose" they are terrible people. Just last month they had a horse down, We let them know about it (a normal person would have been right there) they told me it was old and asked if I could go shoot it for them they were busy. I really don't care (I doubt it) if they are mad that I "moved it". I was just trying to find out if there was a way or something I should do to help it. Thank you!
What you've done is greattttt!!!!! You've done the right thing don't worry.... and if they can't afford... they should sell the animals... even if in cheap prices but better than lying dead all around the property.... the poor goose... keep us updated and keep incouraging animal control to make something.... at least speal to the neighbors and ask if they would sell the animals at least....
That is very sad that people can't or won't care for animals in their care, Bless you for caring, sure hope something can be done for the rest, Hopefully it's not too late for the one you rescued, good food fresh water maybe some poultry vitamins added to the water. A safe place to be so very important.

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