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Jul 12, 2008
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I want to make some grilled chicken on my gas grill. I always over cook it or under cook it, so was wondering how other people do theirs. Do you marinate , add sauce and what other tricks do you use to make it juicy and tender?
We marinate for a couple days in lime juice/lime slices and then grill with salt, pepper, and blackening seasoning and serve over top rice and black beans with those crunchy tortilla strips. Even if you accidentally overcook it, the lime flavor covers it up for whatever reason!
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This recipe of Jamie Oliver's is really good.

Also I love this marinade/sauce I get in BULK at Costco called Yoshida's - a teriyaki thing with just the right amount of ginger. You could put the chicken pieces in heavy food storage bag, add about a cup of the marinade and some chopped scallions and let sit overnight. WHY I like using a plastic storage bag to marinate ?? Because you can accomplish a terrific and food safe marinade process in the fridge without worries of it getting on anything else AND you use a whole lot less marinade than if you placed it in a deep tray. Just take the bag out of the fridge every few hours and slosh it all around and put back.

Probably the most popular chicken we sold at the place I worked at was called Chicken Mattone, or brick chicken. You split the chicken open at the backbone and pull it open and apart so it looks like a open book - then RUB IN some salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, lemon juice and EVO and marinate like that for a few hours. Take a large brick and wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil. Get your grill or frying pan screaming hot - place the chicken on the cooking surface and then put the brick on top to hold it down. Grill about 8-10 minutes per side - flip and repeat. They have this lovely crusty thing going on with the skin and it's really delicious.

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