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    Oct 11, 2007
    I went to the feed store today (so glad hubby was not with me $$$ ) The ony typwe of grit they had is MannaPro bag says not until 8 weeks I am wanting to give the chickies ( 3 1/2 weeks) some extras lettuce yogurt oatmeal etc. I got home and opened the bag and the grit seems really big to me. so what should i do?

    Also there chick starter is medicated I had started the chicks on non medicated had decided that is what I wanted to do but 13 dollars a bag verus 8 dollars a bag well........... it says chick starter and grower only first 8 weeks then layer pellets I asked them about this and they acted like I was stupid for wanting to keep my chickens on starter until they got closer to laying age is this a $$ thing for the feed store or what........ also I still have a little of the non medicated feed I guess I should probably start to change over a bit at a time decreasing the non and adding the medicated?
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    I say don't give the chicks any extras till they are older, unless it's something like chopped hardboiled egg, then they don't need grit. MannaPro grit is pretty large, but you could handpick out some smaller pieces for them, if you want. Starter/grower can be given until they lay the first egg then switch to layer feed. Don't start them on layer at 8 weeks old, if I understood what you said. You can just change over to the medicated feed-add in what you have left of the other.
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    You say they don't need grit to digest hard boiled eggs?
    Is there any other types of treats that do not require grit for them to digest?
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    Well, I've never given mine any extra grit as long as hardboiled eggs are all they get other than the starter. Eggs are very soft, not like grains. I've looked closely at my starter/grower and it appears that there is some tiny, tiny grit in it, but I'm not 100% sure about that. I do not give them those eggs every day, either, nor do I give them anything else except their starter till they are about 6 weeks old usually. I wouldn't know of any other safe treats for them to have without grit except maybe plain yogurt.
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    Oct 11, 2007
    thanks speckled its a good thing I have 2 living rooms the larger of the 2 is where my Office, brooder room, feed storage is and it is starting to gert a little crowded in here.

    PS I am so very jealous of your hatching stories and good luck, keep talking and send some of your hatching vibes this way.
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    I give my bantams (5 weeks) and my quail chicks (2 weeks) crickets and mealworms... they love them. I have fine sand in a small area of the brooders that they play in and eat a bit. Is this bad? They appear fine and happy but I am new to all of this.
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    When I have sand or parakeet grit, I just sprinkle it on their food a little at times, just in case they eat too many shavings, but most of the time they don't eat the shavings. They can eat sand, it's fine.
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    If you have a tractor supply in your area they sell chick grit which is real small.

    I think the starter vs grower to layer depends on what brand of food you are feeding. If you go to the purina site(or read the bag) it recomends starter/grower till chicks get to first egg. I know some brands have a starter and grower seperate so read the bag/visit thier site and see what the manufacture recomends, if starter and grower are seperate then follow the manufactures recomendations. Anytime you switch to new food, even if just switching brands blend the two so the birds systems are not shocked by the change in food.

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