Grit and oyster shells

Cheryl lowe

Jun 25, 2020
I have roosters with my hens so feed growers pellets . I did put mixed grit and oyster shells in seperate dish but it kept getting dirty and covered with straw so it’s been better putting a clump of both with their food - as it’s replenished daily . Is this ok? How much mixed grit and oyster shells would a chicken need daily ? Is a little pinch of both ok in their food ? Would rooster eat the oyster shells accidentally ? Would they eat too much mixed grit if in their food ?
thanks in advance
Chickens will eat what they need. They may not eat any all day but then eat a lot the next day. Some people do buckets for the grit and oyster shells. I do the caps of pvc with a hole in the bottom. You may have to raise the containers you were using so that straw doesn’t get in the containers.
I use two tooth pick dispenser hung on the wall. One for grit, and one for oyster shells. You don't need to mix it in their food to get them to eat it, they will eat what they need, when they need it. I couldn't find something like what I use but this is the general idea

Except that bottoms platform bit is hollow.
Everyone is different as well as their situations and flocks. I'm not going to say to mix it in or not to. It's a personal choice. I used to give it in a bowl free choice but like you it was messy. I have a few hundred birds, so for me, I put some grit and oyster shells in the feeders. Just a little and they will take what they want. It eventually filters down into the pan. When the pan is empty I put a little more in the feeders the next time I fill them and it filters it's way to the bottom of the pan and they are good for quite awhile. My birds aren't unhealthy because of the way I do it and they can get what they want. My coops all have #40 feeders. I think you don't have to put it in daily. They will store it in their gizzard for awhile. I fill my feeders once a week. I do have one coop with a 50# feeder and one coop that has two 40# feeders. I don't put the grit and oyster shells in every time. I put the grit and oyster shells in only when the pans don't have much in them. Good luck and have fun...

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