GROSS turkey bum, need immediate help!

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  1. MrsJewelsRae

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    Aug 3, 2010
    We have 2 turkeys, something seriously wrong. They are both male, about 4 months old. They both developed bleeding from their bums, not sure why. Then today I got a better look at them, one of them has a bulging bum and it is covered in little maggot like thingies. OMgoodness, it is the sickest thing I've ever seen, I am officially not able to eat these turkeys now, after all we've invested in them to feed the buggers, etc. I don't have a weak stomach but I had to run away and throw up, they smell nasty too. I honestly want to burn my barn down now. Blech!!! I managed to move them both to a new location today. Also, we have 20 chickens, 4 months age, they have shared living quarters prior to today (they're penned separately at night and range in a yard in the day)- will my chickens get whatever this is!?? We were planning on butchering the turkeys and half the chickens soon, and looking forward to eggs soon... I must admit I have somewhat neglected changing the bedding in the hen house recently, it's a few weeks overdue, I have been sick, the weather has been insanely hot and humid, and my baby is teething like a monster, it just fell behind. Please help, what do I do!?

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