Groundhog a predator?

Not even cookies? I guess they're not the brightest of critters
They Shouldn't Be A Threat.... Except If They're Digging In The Area And Or Up Into The Run..... You May Need To Keep An Eye On That Because It Could Allow Other Predators To Dig Easily Etc And Have Access To Your Birds. Just Something To Think About.
You don't have to worry unless your chickens are cucumber flavored.

As previously stated, predators may use the burrows to access your coop - so keep an eye out to make sure they don't dig under your run. They actually make pretty good lookouts, so that's a plus.
like another poster said, they can allow another predator into the area, but the biggest threat they pose are for peeps with livestock who can step and break a leg into the holes, or when those silly groundhogs dig under your foundation and the slab or bricks start to sink into the ground undermining structures.......

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