What are grow & show pellets
can they be fed as grower pellet to chicks
Cheers phil
Showbird feed is going to have a higher protein content and support beautiful plummage so your bird is ready for show. Depending on their age pellets will be harder for the younger ones to eat vs crumbles.Typically I start chicks on a starter feed until 6 to 8 weeks. Then I upgrade to a grower feed around 8 to 10 weeks. Once the birds are 18 to 20 weeks I go to a layer feed if they are hens or an all flock feed with free choice oyster shells if there's a mix of hens and roos. Grow and show can be fed if your wanting that higher protein content for showbirds or if you just want them to have beautiful plummage. Starter contains what a chick needs to start out with then a grower contains what they need to pick up weight and mature. The layer or all flock will support them as adults and their dietary needs. Do you have to feed them this way? Absolutely not it's up to you what they eat. This is just typically what is fed to chicks to support them through their maturity.

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