Growing Chicks


11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
Well I don't have chicks yet, and I'm really new to registering to this forum (but I have been researching here) but I was wondering when your suppose to move your chickens from the brooder and into a chicken coop?
I've moved mine outside at 5 or 6 weeks of age when they're pretty well feathered out. This past fall I did use a heat lamp as it had gotten pretty cold.
I don't remember exactly how old chicks are when they are fully feathered. Its been awhile since I've had baby chicks, but I have some right now, they are 11 days old. What I do is slowly condition them for the move outside by putting them out during the day without the light. It is currently 60* during the day now and they can stay out all day now. Today was the 4th day out all day, then I bring them back into the house into their cardboard box, and I turn the light on a little later for the night. I have a 60 watt white light bulb.
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Pretty much, but it all depends on how warm of days and nights you're having. I do the same thing ibpboo does. Eventually, they just settle in for the night and you don't have to bring them inside.
Its been.... (temerature wise) maybe in the 40's to 50's at night (rarely the 40's though) around here and in the afternoons its been getting up to the low 80's.
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