Grrrr... 4 year old WACKO!


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My son is a hard head to wake up during the week for school but yet on Saturdays he gets up at 5:30 in the morning, an hour earlier then needed to get up during the weeks. He wakes his sisters up then comes to me and my husband (STILL IN BED!) and yells "MAMA!!!!!!! WE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!!!"

Someone please SHOOT ME!
I resolved this by letting my kids stay up an hour later on friday (or a film) with the stipulation that they NOT wake me up on saturday (I double locked the doors so they could not go outside while we were sleeping)
set crackers etc. out on the breakfast table the evening before so they wont wake you up for being hungry.
Mine got used to this quite easily.
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We don't have a bedtime on fridays. They stay up until they can no longer keep their eyes open. I had one splattered across the couch, the other on the floor, and another on the table (the baby, she really does fall asleep on the coffee table!). All 3 are still too young to be up without supervision.

Soooo... Here I am, up at 7am (time now) doing dishes and planning breakfast.
...LOL and now you are feeling the backlash for not having a schedule....
My advice is to try and get them on a strict bedtime schedule so you can use changes to it for specific instances like my suggestion above... truly you will avoid a lot of messy situations in your future by doing so.
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True. Well, if hubby doesn't work and go to school during the week I would have him be up with the kids and me still curled up sound asleep but instead, Im up with the kids and HE is curled up in bed sound asleep!
kids soooooooo know what buttons to push and if you arent careful THEY will be the ones making the rules and not you... remember YOU are the boss!
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4 is old enough to know he does or does'nt have school. If he does'nt LIKE school. and he knows he's got to go, then he may be doing this on purpose believe it or not. Whereas he KNOWS he does'nt have school, he's up and eager for a long playful day. Kids really do know what buttons to push as stated earlier. The absolute FIRST thing they learn is manipulation. "Hey, if I cry, I get Mom to come" Try to meet him , (be up first) and have a big day planned,including a chore or two first thing. Might see a difference???
Good luck,,,,,,,I'm just tickled ours are "grown 'n gone"
School has JUST started only a few weeks ago, LOL. and he LOVES school. Before then, it was always home with mommy. He is just one WACKO boy, LOL. Can live and can't live with them.

And, oh this sucks, Im in the middle of cooking breakfast and all 3 just went back to sleep watching "My friends, Tiger and Pooh"
yeah i love that. ds is in prek and he gets up around 730 on weekdays all on his own, then unfortunatly today he wakes up at 6am. dh came home (he works nights) and so helpfully woke everyone up.
theres a bday party today at chuck e cheeses SO no going back to sleep. the worst part is ds was up last night till midnight telling his horse all about the party hes going too, LOL.
we keep bedtime the same everynight here too, but i have an 11 mo old, so theres no sleeping in for me anyways.

at least their antics give ya a smile!

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