Grumpy Drake!

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    Jul 20, 2014
    So our drake has gone from attacking our dog to getting angry whenever anything (human, dog, or rooster) makes a loud noise. I was calling our dog who had run off into the woods and after a few calls I heard him quacking and he was running up to me. Didn't attack or bite, but kept lowering his head and looking at me like 'if you don't stop that noise right now I'm going to bite you!'

    So I knelt down and was petting him because he has such soft, silky feathers (and when he's being grumpy he won't move for anything!) and he kept nibbling (not biting, nothing painful) at my hands and even my hair, like he used to when he was a duckling. After a little while he stopped and walked away peacefully.

    But should he become aggressive enough to bite what do you recommend? I didn't 'really' want to grab his bill since it was covered in a nice glob of mud but if that's what it takes if he starts biting... well. Yeah!

    His anti-dog behaviour is only in Spring. He's been gotten annoyed with my yelling the past few years though. I guess he's had enough of noisy humans in his yard! [​IMG]

    I think it's quite cute. He's too clumsy to actually hurt anyone but we don't want him charging after the mailman or they won't deliver!

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