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    Aug 30, 2014
    One of my hens has started sitting on the coop floor in front of the door! When my new babies were about 6 weeks old, we built a divider in the coop with a heat lamp and put them out with my other hens. They are separated but seem to get along just fine. One hen shows particular interest in them. Since we put the babies out we have been locking the run and coop door at night. Well Jules just makes so much racket and noise starting at 4am that I had to start leaving the coop door open at night. And now she just sits right at the edge of the doorway and looks out all night! Im worried about her not seeming to get enough rest, and dont like leaving the door open! But she is relentless! Loud squaking at 4am, I have to go out there and open the door and turn off the porch light to show her that its dark out still!!! But have to leave the door open or she wont stop! I need advice! Please! I'm losing sleep either way...door open I worry half the night, door closed, she keeps me up any way!
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Shut out the porch light before you go to bed! Leaving the coop open, unless your run is Fort Knox is an invitation for a predator attack. I'm guessing that Jules is at the top of the pecking order and considers it her duty to stand guard at night. She's taking the place of a rooster in guarding her flock. But, just b/c she wants to do this, doesn't mean that you should let her! You are the flock master, and ultimately, you get to choose whether the coop remains open or closed at night. Can you put a blanket over the window to keep it darker inside?

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