guess im trying a pheasant now

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    So dh gets a text today. A friend has a 2 week old pheasant they need to get rid of. Well it will be here tomorrow. My single chick could use a buddy anyway i guess. Soo anything really special i should know? And hoping for luck even though this guy will end up as a dinner. Oh my dh first he wants to not deal with the chickens and is now gonna bring me birds haha
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    Mar 25, 2010
    Hello ams4776,I feed all my pheasant chicks unmedicated game bird starter. when they get big enough to eat grains somewhere around 8 weeks old I give mine chicken scratch as well as 28% game bird feed.mine love the seeds in the chicken scratch.other then that they take care of themself just like chickens.but make sure you keep it in a cage or a pen with a top on it or you can kiss it good by it will fly away the first chance it gets.its best to keep it away from the chickens they can make it sick.good luck.
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    Jul 22, 2010
    i ve raised pheasants for many years..but never had eatten one .......i have in past had one chick hatch & no company for it & either put in with bobwhite or a few pheasant chicks...reading on site here found out that is also a no-no..becuz chickens can give them dieases. ive never seen anything come bad from it, maybe i was just lucky ???.. this years pheasant hatch was very good ..decided first time going to use some for butchering...instead of releaseing or giving to friends for their tables....

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