Guess My 3 Little Peepers


5 Years
Mar 8, 2014
So I bought my 3 little chicks from a wacko in town at her house wearing a Ren + Stimpy shirt with crying babies, no photos on her walls, and had the babies in terrible living conditions, if I could of I would of bought the whole 100 of the poor little things, BUT THAT IS BESIDES THE POINT- The point is I don't trust this crazy woman's word as far as I could throw a word, which is IMPOSSIBLE.

Anywho.I think they are all girls. The "Buff Orpington" which is REALLY a Red Sex Link, is my only not too sure yet.
The "Barred Rock" sure has a funny comb for a "Barred Rock" and sure looks a lot more like a Dominique to me.

So here they are, take your best guesses! Fingers crossed they turn out to be all girls no matter what anyone thinks!
They're 4 Weeks Old



6 Years
Jul 24, 2013
It is possible that they are mixed breeds. However, I think that #1 is a Dominique, and unfortunately is looking like a male. #2 looks like a Red Sex-Link, and #3 is probably either a White Leghorn or White Plymouth Rock (these two breeds look similar until they are older, at which time the Rocks develop red earlobes and a heavier body shape, and the Leghorns get white earlobes are stay slimmer). However, it is also possible that the white bird is a male Red Sex-Link, which are usually mostly white except for some red that develops on the wings and neck.
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7 Years
Jul 24, 2013
#1: Dominique, probably a cockerel.
#2: Red Sex-link pullet
#3: White Leghorn or White Rock, looking like a pullet.

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