Guess that gender!! Pics. included!!

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6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
So I have 3 little babies that are about a month old each and I am trying to see if they're any clear signs if they are hens or roosters so I figured I would start here!!

This is Mocha and Sunny

and this is little Pebbles

Thanks guys!!! :)
It's hard to tell at this age but I would guess hens. Wait until they are a little older and it'll be easier to tell :) also, those chicks are the cutest!!!
You will start to see signs of roo if their combs turn bright red well before the laying age. Roosters develop faster than hens it would seem and you will see the tail feathers curling. Sometimes it is harder to notice saddle feathers forming but the tail feathers will be easier to see.

Thanks guys!!
Do you have any idea what breeds they might be as well?
I know that they are bantams. I am thinking our two biggest ones are Silkie crosses but I am not sure on our little one.
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