Guess what I did yesterday?


11 Years
Dec 7, 2008
I went to the hospital.
Yesterday I woke up with a bit of sinusy stuff and went out and fed chickens and milked my goat, Keeli(which takes me like, a half an hour or 45 minutes or something)and kinda started being a bit chilled and shivery. After I came inside, I had part of a cup of green tea. My Mom and I were on the couch doing algebra, and I had pains around the right side of my chest( I had had pains in my leg outside). My mom was taking my pulse, but couldn't count it with the clock. We went to the emergency room, and my heart rate was 150. They didn't really know why it was so high, 'cause i didn't have a fever when they took my temperature right after I came in. They did tests, did that thing were they put sticky things on the chest and measure heart rate, breathing and whatnot, had a thingy on my finger taking my pulse or something, had a blood pressure thing on my arm that would take blood pressure every so often,an IV in the inside side of my elbow, through which they pumped a bunch of saline or something and some antibiotic, and they gave me pills, and this stuff to do something to my heart rate or something that gave me a far out sensation(the doctor warned me about that) I popped up with a fever and mother was probably never so happy to see a fever before. So, it turned out to be probably a bit unusually high heart rate in response to a fever or infection or something. I was there for several hours, and had "Treasure Island" with me but didn't read much of it there.
Thank the Lord!!

English Chick

English Mum
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Jun 27, 2008
Cheshire UK
ahh sweetie
..... hope your feeling better....


11 Years
Dec 7, 2008
No, I am at the farm again, Thank the Lord again! I got home last night and we watched Pride and Prejudice last night(well, I dozed off a bit) and today have been watching movies and getting on the forum, took a shower.
Things I watched:
Pride and Prejudice
Part of Seven Brides for seven brothers
Ice Age 2(might have dozed a bit in that one, too)
Winnie the Pooh
The Emperor's New School
The Replacements
That's so Raven
Hanna Montana
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
A Night's Tale

Is that pathetic?
Let me go and sit in front of the wood stove and let my hair dry more while reading Treasure Island.


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11 Years
Jan 24, 2009
SW Ohio
don't thou meaneth "A Knight's Tale"? lol
glad your back. glad your feeling better. glad keeli isn't as hard to milk for you as i thought she would be. love ya!

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