Guess what I got today !!!

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    I called my Local Petco and asked if there fish come in stryo boxes for shipping and they do . Aperntly they go fast though so they told me to call first thing in the AM on thrusday when they get there next shipment of fish in and reserve one. SO bright and early I called and they put my name down and I picked it up today. ITS AWSOME... The little stryo coolers you buy are tall with narrow bases this is short probly only 12 inches high ( ill try to remmber to measure it) but its wide and long I dont know how your sapose to describe boxes but since I wont be hatching any foot tall chicks Id rather have the room versus the hight.


    sorry about the ugly feet but I wanted to give you some frame of refrance for size. This is with it turned on its side.

    [​IMG] here it is from the top right side up.


    any thoughts about it I think it leaves plenty of room for lights , thermastat and fan. Not to mention fuzzy bottoms
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  2. tadpole98

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    Looks awesome! [​IMG] nice score!
    I dont know anything about making an incubator (obviously bc i killed all my eggs with the one i built)
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    AWesome Gabs!!!!! Document every step for us!!! pics or it didnt happen LMAO!! [​IMG]
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    Cool! That's quite a score! [​IMG] Please do show us how you are gonna build it. [​IMG]

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    Sep 27, 2012
  6. gabrielle1976

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Columbia river gorge
    I plan on doing this one right, I tried one back when I first joined byc and it was a mess, This time Im gonna get the parts one by one I dont care if it takes me 6 months Im not gonna build it till I have all the parts that I want and need, includeing a wafer thermostat instead of a hot water heater one like last time. I need to make a list on here and then I can check them off as I get them . I just found out I won with butters mobile so I will have 2 mini ecos so I think I will make this one a hatcher but first I need the parts =) Im pretty stoked though becuase this is such the perfect size.
    Anyone have any tips on how I can decorate it. At first I was thinking duct tape they have all those colors and patterns and stuff now I was thinking hello kitty but then I thought about how that would be a pain when I clean it out cuase the tape could get wet and icky. So I need ideas on water proff ways to decorate. no matter how crazy if you have a idea I want to hear it. As long as its safe for the little peepers in there eggs.

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