Guessing Game, TS Bantams


Feb 23, 2017
Hi! I bought some assorted bantams from Tractor Supply a month ago, now trying to identify. My current guesses:

1) Red cochin. Put another picture in of his comb, I think he's a cockerel.

2) Columbian colored, but what breed? Clean legs. Another picture below of when he/she was a chick. Hoping for a pullet, naturally.

3) Buff Brahma pullet (has feathered feet, no comb color)

4) Red frizzle cochin (has feathered feet). Not sure if pullet or cockerel.

5) Colored like a buff Brahma, but does NOT have feathered feet. Definitely cockerel.

6) Definitely a Cochin (feathered feet), but what color is this? Partridge? I think she's a pullet.

7) No idea what this scrawny thing is. OEG? In the other picture of him, you can see his comb, I think he's a cockerel.

Columbian.JPG red.JPG buff.JPG OEG.JPG
1) I agree Red Cochin, not looking very cockerelish but to young to say for sure
2) Could you get a better picture? What comb type?
3) I think your right but its hard to say from the picture
4) Agreed Red Frizzle Cochin, not looking very cockerelish either
5) Maybe Quail d'Anver, looks like a cockerel
6) Partridge Cochin
7) Could you get a better picture?

They are two young to say if there are pullets, I would post again in another 2 weeks to confirm gender :)
Oh sure. They are young! But it's kinda fun to guess early and see if you're right. There is currently 1 I am sure is a cockerel (5) and 2 I am sure are pullets (the Brahma and the Partridge Cochin.)
Number 6, the partridge cochin I am pretty sure is a hen. Shown here with peak chicken roundness.

Below is #2, who I think is a pullet, but not sure. Color is Columbian, but unclear on breed. Clean legs.


This is #4, the frizzled Cochin. I hope it's a pullet, but not sure yet.


And this weirdo miiiiiight be an OEG cockerel?? Is scrawny compared to my very round Cochins!

I wonder if the weird one could be a mixed Rosecomb bantam of some sort. Also I wonder if #2 is just a Delaware bantam. #4 I'm leaning towards pullet, but not 100% sure since it is so young :).

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