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Apr 24, 2020
I found a little black bug on one of my hens today, it looked like a flea beetle. I am trying to find more information on what these bugs may be but until I do, my current plan is to treat is as a mite infestation (hosing down coop, covering it with DE, treating chickens, etc.) and hope for the best. I also would like to deworm my chickens soon, but I do not know how to.

There are many posts with various different recommendations, which have been helpful as far as getting an idea of what I may need but I do not know the difference between these products and it has me feeling pretty lost. I want to do the best I can to take care of my chickens, but I feel overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right products to treat them with. I was wondering if there is a guide anywhere on this website with a list of products, what they do, and what they are good for.

These are the products I have seen mentioned a few times in other threads:
Permethrin- treatment against lice, mites, ticks, and bedbugs
Sevin 5% dust- designed to kill over 65 insect pests
Ivermectin- kills most species of adult roundworms and is also given as a treatment for scaly leg mites
valbazen- helps alleviate tapeworms, adult liver flukes, intestinal worms, stomach worms, and lungworms.

If I do not know the specific pests I am up against, what would be best to use? It does not have to be on this list, these just seem to be the most common answers I have come across. Any suggestions are appreciated for treating mites and deworming!

Quick Edit: My chickens are approximately twenty weeks old, I do not know if their age will affect what they should be treated with but I thought I would mention it just in case.

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There are a zillion pesticides available out there, but the list of products approved for use with chickens is pretty short. This is because chickens are a livestock species, and we eat their eggs, and we eat chicken too. Just about any product that a hen contacts will appear in her eggs, sometimes for a very long time.
Different countries have different products available, and different standards, so here's what's current in the USA:
Permethrin, pyrethrum, and spinosad are approved for external parasites on chickens, and in poultry housing, and all work fine. Permethrin spray concentrate is the least expensive, and easy to use. And there's no egg withdrawal time'
DE is pretty useless.
For intestinal worms, fenbendazole is approved, with no egg withdrawal. It kills some intestinal parasites, but not all. Treatment varies, depending on the targeted species of parasite involved.
Amprolium kills coccidia, an intestinal parasite, again, with no egg withdrawal.
Everything else is either 'verboten', or off label, and should not be used, or only in dire need, realizing the issues with that particular product.
Rules change over time, so being current is best. Remember DDT?

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