Guinea chick showing signs of brain injury


10 Years
Jan 27, 2009
Crestview, Fl
one of 9 chicks that hatched 2 weeks ago has begun to show signs of damage. She walks backwards more than forward and keeps her head cocked over like she's looking at the ceiling most of the time. She moves and eats well but I'm worried about her future. Any ideas on what happened or what can be done???
Vitamin E...Give some vitamin/mineral support...May be a deficiency. Nutri-drench. A bit of a vitamin E just cut the gel cap and squeeze a bit out of it.
We have a guinea that has been attacked by an owl once and a hawk twice. Each time he had a bloody head so I'm sure there was trauma. (Not sure why they always pick this guy. ) He is now pretty impaired -- runs back and forth along fence line constantly, always picked on by brothers, can't figure his way in and out of enclosures, etc. He seems happy otherwise and eats well but isn't the same guinea for sure. This is most likely different than your situation but perhaps have hope that yours may just be a "different" kind of bird.

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