Guinea colors


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Aug 30, 2009
I'm confused as to what color these keets are. I was thinking the light ones are opaline, they don't look quite dark enough to be coral blues? Then the dark ones look like royal purples to me? I'm posting a hatchling and feathering picture of the purples.



Did you order them? If so, what colors does the hatchery offer? If not, they might just be the more common colors like pearl, lavender, pied, and white. Well, that's what our feed store does, anyway. : )
The dark one looks like Royal Purple to me. Not sure on the lighter one. Can 'cute' be a color? Maybe 'adorable.'
Definitely Royal Purple on the darker keet, the lighter keet looks like a Lite Blue (and that is what it looks like I see a couple of in the pic of the older keets... if those are the same keets). I doubt you have an Opaline because both of the light keets in the bottom pic have quite a bit of color/markings on their backs back, and the keet in your hand also has some pretty dark grey in the head markings... too dark for it to be an Opaline, IMO/IME.

Other than the faint head markings the keets will look almost pure white when they start getting their feathers in, and later on when the juvenile feathers start showing markings, the partial-pearling on the feathers will be very faint... the older keets look to me to have pretty pronounced partial-pearling markings in your 2nd pic (again, if those are the same keets).

These keets are about 4- days old in this pic, but here's one of my Opaline keets shown with a couple other keets.

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The dark grey ones look like pearl gray guineas the most common those white ones are pretty .

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