Guinea Fowl Eye Problem - need help as out of ideas.


Feb 22, 2015

I have many guinea fowl, but I have a particular problem with 3 that i cant solve. The guineas in question have the red eyes normally and are the only ones affected.

The only symptom they seem to have is a milky, sore looking eye, which is slightly swollen. in all 3, it is only one eye, not both. There is no discharge or bubbles, and they are eating and drinking normally. Occasionally one of them might seem to be a bit mopey but most of the time, they go about their daily business and dont seem to be too upset by it.

I have tried worming them, and have given them a broad spectrum antibiotic about a month ago which seemed to make them a bit cheerier as they were quieter before that. I am wondering if maybe they had something which the antibiotics cured and there is still a bit of conjunctivitis left? Not sure how to treat.

I purchased these guineas as a package of 30 around a year ago and have not added any birds since. When I first got them, one bird had the same thing ( a red eye again) and the lady I bought them from said she thought the bird had hurt itself and to keep an eye on it. I took it to the vet when it didnt heal and the vet said he wouldnt know how to treat it without extensive testing which would certainly add up in cost since there were several things he could look at and not know which one to pursue. This case was much more severe looking than these ones I have now.

long story short, spent around $500, no answers, vet got me freaked out it might be contagious and wipe out all my flock so i had the bird euthanased. He autopsied it and found nothing. Loathe to take a bird back again and thought it was likely this community would have more knowledge to offer up.

It doesnt seem to be particularly contagious as they have had this for about 2 months and live with several other birds that have no symptoms and its only the red eyed birds affected.

Can anyone suggest anything? I believe they get excellent nutrition so I wouldnt expect it to be anything dietary thats lacking, but Im open to suggestions from more experienced members.

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