Guinea fowl hatching eggs (per dozen price) KEETS are available on a pre-order basis.

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    BEAUTIFUL MIXED FLOCK OF GUINEA FOWL! NPIP certified flock from Fowl Play Guineas in Maryland. Eggs are from mixed colors including Copper, Royal Purple, Buff Dundott, Slate, Lavender, VERY FEW PEARLS. Some pieds. Eggs harvested daily and shipped express. . $18.00/dzn plus shipping for mix. Discounts for 3 DZN and up.
    Due to handling outside of my control, I can not guarantee hatchability. Please email/text or call
    [email protected] 410-708-1678
    Eggs expected to start mid-April- Orders filled based on receipt of paid order. Shipping is normally flat rate 2nd day USPS priority.(About $19.00) VERY CAREFUL packaging- USPS"Fragile" handling at the option of the buyer (about $10.50 extra).
    Will ship keets -15 minimum order.
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    I calculated for two dozen as that is generally what is shipped- one dozen would be a bit less- 412.00 for priority 2 day.

    Let me know! Thanks for the interest!
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    Feb 27, 2015
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    Do you still have any eggs available?

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