Guinea keet wheezing


Jul 1, 2021
Guinea keets are 8 weeks old and this one starting making a wheezing noise last night. She was perched up high and acted normal, but making that loud noise like she is trying to breathe. I had one 2 weeks ago that was having labored breathing, and thinking this might be the same one. We have extremely high humidity here in Texas right now, so I figured out it was overheating, so I have had a fan going to help keep them cool and that seemed to solve the problem. This morning she was still making this sound constantly, but eating, drinking, acting completely normal. Here is a video of her so you can hear the noise. You can also see her eyes and nose are all clear. We just finished their chicken run so starting today they will be able to get out of the coop. It has been dusty in there, but I have been very very good at keeping it clean. Any ideas? I looked up and found it could possibly be aspergillosis, but I sure hope it is not as there are no meds for it. But she seems normal besides the wheezing noise.

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