Guinea vs Silkie Eggs


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Feb 2, 2016
Does anyone have pics of guinea eggs and silkie eggs? Trying to figure out who's laying the small eggs. Both are about 5m old.
Frankly I don't think you'll need photos. The difference is in the crackin'. Guinea eggs are almost impossibly hard. I can crack a guinea egg but it takes two or three hard whacks on a bowl, and sometimes I can pull hunks of shell off the inner membrane of the raw egg. It's very odd. My silkie's eggs though are just like hen eggs, just a bit smaller. I will say the guineas seem to lay more textured eggs, and with more likelihood of speckles or color oddities. If you post a photo of what you're getting, maybe we can help!
That's what I thought too.
The left side eggs are left in the afternoon. The guineas are using the nesting boxes then if that's their egg.
Just got a right side egg and silkies were in coop. Mystery solved.
I just found eggs in rhubarb patch they’re pointy small believe to be guinea fowl eggs was making sure not silky the above pick I think left egg guinea fowl

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