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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by SpringtownEggLady, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Apr 17, 2011
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    I have a friend with guineas - her dog got a hold of one of them and it appears to have a broken wing. She can't get close enough to catch it. Will the wing heal?? One of the other males seems to be somewhat protective of him. Will she lose it to a preditor??

    any experience with a similar situation???
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    I've never dealt with a broken wing on a Guinea, but I'd have to say it will not heal for a long long long time (if at all) unless it is splinted and the bird is confined until it heals [​IMG] More than likely, if the bird can't get up to safe roosting heights, a predator will take it.

    If you/they want to try and splint the wing I suggest trying to catch the bird at night, Guineas are blind in the dark and usually don't move unless you touch them... so be ready for an explosion when/if you get a hold of it. I usually push mine to the ground firmly (but gently), then have a helper get a towel over/around it and then pick it up. Keeping the head covered may keep him calmer while you work on the splint... but you'll definitely need at last 2 sets of hands. There's lots of info on line and probably here on BYC too about splinting wings, so hopefully you find the info you need. I'm sure the broken wing hurts like heck, so be ready to get pecked and scratched as you work on him [​IMG]

    Hope you save him, good luck.

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