Guineas and Snakes


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7 Years
May 8, 2012
I heard that Guineas eat snakes. My guinea was in the coop with a snake in there killing my chickens and did nothing. Any ideas why? How big a snake can they kill?
I have a pretty aggressive flock of free rangers (they even chase/attack jack rabbits, lol) that do eat/kill baby snakes, and they will circle and attack/peck/claw the larger snakes (they usually make such a racket that I'll just go dispatch the snake myself to shut them up tho), they just took out a 4 foot gopher snake a couple weeks ago in fact... but not everyone's Guineas are as aggressive as mine are, some are very passive and will just give a snake a wide berth while rubber necking at it as it slithers by them. I kind of doubt one lone Guinea would ever be very effective at snake control... was it dark in your coop? Because Guineas are blind in the dark.

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