guineas hatched three days early. help!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by monster1, Nov 14, 2008.

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    i went to turn the eggs for the last time today. saw a keat chillin out in the bottom of the bator. took a minute to compute. then it hit me. they are three days early!!! have three out now completely dry. two have the shell cracked and see little beaks in there. the rest still have yet to peep. the humidity was down to 30% so i took out the pan and put a bigger one in. the humidity is about 50% and rising. what should i do? when i saw that the humidity was down i sprayed the eggs lightly with a water bottle to get some moisture. the eggs soaked it right up. the eggs are supposedly from different females. the eggs that hatched are slightly different shaped(more rounded), the ones still yet to do anything are more oblong. i was thinking that if the eggs came from a different breed of guinea maybe the timing is a little off. what do you think? almost out of the woods!!!!
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    Feb 13, 2008
    I'm sorry, I have no clue about guineas.......but I just wanted to say: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] congrats! Oh yes, and we will need pictures. [​IMG]
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    All of my guineas hatch early. They come flying out of those shells like little rockets. If you see pips but no action after 24 hours I would crack the shell a bit and see if they are dry. Every hatch I have set they have had rubbery membranes and needed a bit of help to break the membrane.
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    Mine hatched early too. And i was amazed at how different they pip compared to chicks.

    They should be fine!! Congrats, post pic's soon!!
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    Quote:the first three came out like little chainsaws. the eggs that were cracked(peeped?) were still the same this morning. i peeled back the shell/membrane with tweezers and the membrane was like shrink wrap on the keats. i wet it a bit so i could peel it off of them. they are out of the shells now but we will see what happens with them. the first three are doing well but one has spradle legs. put a paper towel down which should help. the other eggs either have not done anything or they have a slight crack. i don't want to mess with the ones cracking. or should I? is it common to have a clutch of eggs hatch so far apart???
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    I hatch hundreds of guineas each year.. with clucks and bators (never with the guinea mother)..

    early hatches are the norm.. I have several ideas why.nothing scientific ,though.. first thing is that they really do not take 29 days in the first place.. second ,
    , I do not believe that 99.5 is the ideal temp.. I think it might be a little lower.. third.. they seem to hatch no matter what, so you can forget reasons one and two.. I do not make a big effort to stop turning the eggs before they hatch.

    I have a very old sportsman with3 tiers of trays.. I built a wire shelf in the bottom just above my water pan. the keets and chicks hatch and work their way down, with a little help from gravity, to the shelf

    someone told me one time that pointy eggs were going to be roosters and the more rounded ones would be females.. I never tested this theory.. If you test it, let me know..


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