guinna roo? guinna hen? who do you tell

The differences can be pretty subtle. Males tend to be a bit larger, their helmet [bump on top of their head] is larger, their wattles are larger & should be cupped forward. Also there's a difference in the sound they make. The females make a sound that some people hear as BUCK-WHEAT. The males just sort of squawk.
As to at what age they lay I'm not really sure but if they free range they may be laying already-they like to hide their nests.
Look for the bustle on the top of the rump. That is a hen. The noise for sure.... The boys are annoying as anything. Hens can have just as big of waddles. I love the hen sounds....
During the breeding season, male guineas generally hold their wings higher. They are also the ones running around chasing each other while the females go about eating bugs.

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