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    May 31, 2012
    ok, so many of you have helped me out on my choice to get chickens, and i have everything sorted out, but one thing-my mum. she is the only obstacle in my way :) so heres my routine-
    (me looking very sad and depressed) then mumm asks-
    'whats wrong megan, you dont look yourself today' then i say-
    ' i just cant stop thinking about them chickens.....(sad face)' she will say-
    'well your not bloody having them i'll tell you that!' i say-
    (in sad voice)' i know, i know...' sigh ' i just cant stop thinking about how well fertalised the garden will be, and all those frech about you think it over mum, just have a look on the forum-backyard chickens, it will tell you everything'

    TADAA! :D obviously it wont be so dramatic, and will probable go hideously wrong but anyway- TADAA! ;D
    but i will walk away before she has time to answere the last section!
    hahhaha will wait until she is ina good mood though :)
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    Jun 28, 2011
    Tipperary, Ireland
    Good luck [​IMG]

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