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-I have a 2 1/2 year old hen - RSL
-Has brittle feathers, have never molted - rooster 'loves' her.
-Loosing feathers slowly over the last year.and really thin feathers
-Good weight, not lethargic, drinks well, eats well.
-Stopped laying 6 months or so ago - she was a HUGE egg layer (size wise) oversized big time. Produced daily for 2 years. never stopped.
-Three weeks ago I noticed a gurgling sound from her back by her wings when she breathed. Air sac area? didnt seem to be in the chest area at all.
-I hit her with Tylan200 then another shot 48 hours later. Seemed better I think.
-Wormed her with Zimectin Gold
-Wormed her with Valbazene.
-Last few days I have noticed what looks like 'shed lining' in her poop. like when they get coccidisis?
-Some scratch is being pooped out undigested (seeds)
-She has left me a few 'lash eggs' over the last two months.
-Last night i made her a felt jumper to help her stay warm while it is getting cold outside. It got hard for her to breath with the activity of making it for her and trying it on etc.
-I noticed the gurgling again - breaths are faster and her body moves up and down when she is sitting down on the perch. It almost sounds like a paper bad being blown in and out of. maybe Airsacculites? She is starting to go downhill, and I am not sure what to give her or do.

-I read somewhere that worms can make them have the gurgles if they are bad? any clue?
I have noticed a Cochin stretching her neck and opening her mouth making a funny noise while she tries to 'yawn' like. She does this about 7 or 8 times then quits.

I just bought a thing of Oxine at the poultry show last week, and have antibiotics and procain on hand. Can/should I use the oxine first, see if it helps if not, they try the pen or anti? or hit her hard with both the Oxine and the antibiotics?

Dawg... advice please?
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I now have two with the gurgle. MayMay has once again taken a turn to the worse. She is now doing the gurgle as well. No one with a clue?

I bought a humidifier and used the Oxine in the coop with them all for an hour or so. I hit MayMay and Daytona with Tylan200. I dont know what else to do. MayMayhas been through this before, twice actually, but i have never heard the sound that is coming from them. If you put your head on her back between her wings the sound is just heartbreaking.

I dont want to loose my two special girls.
And I dont know what to do.
Sorry I just logged in and read your post. How is her crop? Is it hard or soft? Do the wormer's treat gape worm? I would keep her in a crate with food, water, bedding and a heat lamp until you find out what is wrong.
I wish I could offer some advice but...I'm still new to this. I am sure you are frustrated...Maybe change the title to show how sick your birds are and maybe catch some attention...Best of Luck!

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