Gurgling hen, does not seem ill--what to do?


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6 Years
Mar 18, 2013
Central Arkansas
My Black Sex Link hen is gurgly. She has NO nasal discharge, eyes are fine, no sneezing, just a gurgle when she "talks" and an occasional gurgle when she moves. She got very gurgly when laying her egg and all scrunched down in the straw. No gasping, no gaping, no neck stretching, no yawning. She is eating and drinking fine, is laying regularly, and is very peppy like normal. Poops look normal, vent looks fine.

She seems kind of puffy in the front, but she normally has a huge crop in the evening. She is a piggy.

The only thing that is different is that two days ago, I gave her some old corn tortillas, and we had a little rain.

What could be going on? Does she need antibiotics for a respiratory infection, or could this be sour crop? And if so, how do I treat that at home? (If it requires me cutting her open, she's going to the vet.)

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