Gypsie faced Andalusian?


Senora Pollo Loco
14 Years
Sep 4, 2009
I have 6 Andalusians. Two of them have very black faces, not completely but quite a bit. I am trying to thin out my flock and need to know if I should just try to eliminate those birds or does type trump that defect? I already know I will keep all three pullets, one black, one splash and one nicely colored blue. I need to pick which of the two blacks is going to stay and which will go. The one with the nice bright red in his wattles and comb is the smaller of the two. The other one I had hoped would grow out of that black (Do they?) and look better by now. They are 12-weeks and his color hasn't changed much in the last month. I am hoping that by next spring I will start getting some nice colored blues out of this bunch. I have a Blue cockerel too but he is just not up to snuff on the color lacing and too light.
If I need to post pictures I can, but was hoping that I would just ask as a general rule for now.
Thanks, all.

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