H5N2 within 6 - 7 miles

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    Sep 7, 2008
    A large commercial turkey farm about 6 - 7 miles away from my birds has contracted the H5N2 virus. 750 turkeys died on Sunday, and thousands more the past couple days. Thousands of waterfowl are migrating through our area, and it's suspected that they are spreading the virus through their droppings. I suspect that the State veterinarian will be dropping by to confiscate/kill my prize bantams. Seems that the waterfowl will be left alone, while my completely healthy birds will likely be killed.

  2. At this time, I am pretty sure the Ag Department is only depopulating infected flocks.
  3. Just about all you can do is watch your birds and hope for the best. Try to restrict contact with wild birds as much as you can. I know that there have been real problems along the migration paths up and down the Mississippi River and the involved States have had to de-populate several large commercial poultry concerns there but have not read or heard of any confiscation of private farm birds unless there were confirmed infections. Best of luck to you.

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