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Mar 29, 2009
When designing our run, I didn't really put much thought into things for them to "do" in there. That sounds wierd even now. But recently we put some objects to jump on and off (like boards, branches,logs perches etc.), and the girls LOVE them. There has been many games of king of the mountain, and the little ones chase each other on and off of a big bale of straw we put in there.

Plus, it is an absolute hoot to watch them play on this stuff!

Just sharing...
That's great!! I too make and use what I call "chicken toys" I like to hang treats rather than just throwing them on the ground. They jump for them and when they peck on something hanging it moves making it a bit of a challenge to get whatever the treat is.
Perching and sheltering structures are always welcome in the chicken paddock.
Many people assume they need something "to do" out there, I suppose likening them to children or puppies. The worry, of course, being that they'll get bored.
Well, in my experience, they never seem to know just what to do with 'toys', say a Frisbee or football. If it aint food related - it appears to interest them only slightly.

But they have no problems with perches and shelters.

I've made perches from old tree branches, to resemble a jungle gym, which caters to their desire to "go up." They are birds, after all, and roosting is a natural function for them.
In the past, I've also incorporated low "shelters" near the bottom of the perching "tree" which they can duck in and out of. This is especially useful out in the open where birds of prey may be lurking. My sister tried these, making them in tepee fashion, and said it helped against hawks.
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Has anyone used or tought of using a cut off tree with some branches on it in their coop for roosts? Any reasons why it wouldn't work?
My DH owns a salvage yard...lots of junk tires. So I asked him to start bringing me some home. With the 7 he brought me home so far, 5 I painted and planted tomatoes in and the other 2 I half buried in the sand, standing up, in the chicken run. An idea I got from a local 'tire' park my kids like to play at, where every play area is made from tires.

I plan on putting some in each of my chicken runs and a couple more in the big run. They lay inside the tires for shade and dustbathing and stand on top, perching and playing lookout lol.

I also use tree trunk chunks, branches, an old pool ladder and an old wooden tiered shelf they use to sleep on.
Yeah, I did the same thing...........made my copp and then thought about what they will do in it, I was worse than you though, I only noticed they were bored whn they started to peck at each other for entertainment.

Now I hang treats like grapes and carrots from the roof for them to pick at,
its something for them to do plus I thinks its ROTFLOL when the carrot swings and thet get such a shock and jump about 4 feet in the air!!!!

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