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Nov 21, 2007
Just wondering if anyone has some funny prank phone calling stories, must be harmless though!
My mom once answered the phone and some teenager asked if her refrigerator was running. She didn't know it was a prank call, so she said "yes" and he said . . . "well you better go catch it!"
Mine are too naughty...........

At work we used to call the receptionist from our cell phones and ask her to page people that were there in a "meeting"........ or somewhere in the building, so she couldn't call an ext. number.

We had a blast coming up with names for her to page over the intercom system

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Mine is a little naughty, but not to bad, just scary!

My two cousins were visiting last weekend [they bought the house across from where we live] and we were painting their two rooms upstairs. it was boring, so as we took a break, I took out my cell phone and just punched in random local numbers, and just did some prank phone calls. We had no clue what to say, but just joked around. One person stayed on the line for like 3 minutes listening to us pass the phone around and laughing our guts out trying to think of anything to say. It was all harmless stuff tho, we must have talked to like a dozen people, and just asked if their refrigerator is running [which the woman did not like lol], I have a pizza waiting for you on your front porch, responding to your inquire on the elephants on have for sale, and my little cousin just kept saying ''Hi'' and ''lil' wayne is awesome'', ha ha, but it was all just dumb harmless stuff. We eventually stopped, but the next night, at like 8 or 9 at night, my cell phone rings and it isn't one of the numbers I called, as I called all 740-213 numbers, this was like 740-379, so I answered it, and OMG, it was a man and he said, ''This is the Woodsfield County Sheriff's Office, how are you doing tonight?'', a chill just went down my back, and I hung up. I knew they were calling because I had prank called people, but seriously who calls the police because some kids called ONCE and asks, ''is your refridgerator running'' and giggles? I figured it was someone I had called using a different phone and playing a joke on me. So today, a few days later, I called that number, and to my surprise, it actually was the town's Sheriff's Office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever complained must have been more bored than we were for prank calling!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I was in my first job out of college, we did that ... got the eldery receptionist to page our boss with phone calls from obscure rock stars, or names like "Tyrone Shoelace", and "Amanda Huggenkiss."

"Mr. Howard, there's Amanda Huggenkiss on line one for you" ...

Somebody once got me with the refrigerator running gag, but I fell for it because she sounded just like my landlady ... might have been my landlady, for all I know.
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Cant prank much anymore with caller ID unless your number is private. I remember doing this when I was a kid (don't tell my parents
)We say '' Is this the 'Grape' resident?" They say "no, this is the Lemon resident" Then we say "oh sorry, we must have the wrong fruit" and laugh our butts off. We thought it was funny back then. But of course you had to have a phone book to look up those last names that were fruits. All harmless.
When caller ID first came out, we had it. If Mr Saddi didn't want to talk to someone, he'd answer the phone "Pablos' Casa de Tacos, Pablo speaking".... whoever was on the phone would hand up, call back "Tony's Pizza, Would you like our meatball sandwich?".... Hang up, "Wong Fone's sushi shack, Wong speaking"...

I think his sister called like 4 times in a row... at christmas "do you know your number is the same as like 3 restruants in town?"

My old cell # was 1 didget off of hot topic's mall store so I'd get random calls asking if the new CDs were in yet, and did we have the blue dress in XXL?

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