Hair Decor - by your local chicken


10 Years
Apr 16, 2009
Flippin, AR
I must admit...I am guilty. I have been spotted at Walmart sporting new Hair Decor courtesy of my chickens! Fortunately, it was only wood chips.

How bout it? Has anyone else been spotted with new hair "jewelry" courtesy of your chickens?
Uh yup. I live close enough to go home for lunch if I wanna. I have started doing so, now that I constantly have chicks in brooders and eggs in 'bators.

Of course I check on the Big Chickens, too.

So it is not the least bit unusual for me to return to work - office environment - with a feather stuck to me, or pine shavings or leaves in my hair. Or a newly rinsed and rubbed spot on my work clothes, from cleaning off just a dab of poo. Not enough time to change entirely and I take a late lunch hour so the rest of my work day is shorter.

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