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May 5, 2015
Hey ya'll!! Thankfully our neighbours in the US pointed me in this direction so I can also converse with some more locals.

I'm so new to BYC that I don't even have chickens yet :D I don't intend to keep them as pets, my chickens will all have a 'job' to do. Just

My 6 week old Plymouth Rocks, (5 of them) arrive May 19th and they are followed by 3 week old slow growth DP June 16th; Ten hens and 1 rooster. The dual purpose chickens will be our meat birds.

I've never had chickens and to be honest, I'm feeling a little overly ambitious :/

I'm hoping I'm a natural and won't accidentally kill any of my new arrivals under my watch. I'm afraid of day old chicks and the special attention they need. I know I'll screw it up, there will be death and I would be devastated.

I'm hoping come the spring, I can let the moms do the chick-rearing and leave humans out of the equation.

I'm worried about my chickens getting through our cold winters. If anyone has suggestions on how they manage I'd love to hear from you. I hear so many conflicting experiences and often I don't know where they reside, so it's hard to tell if their 'winter' is comparable to our February deep freezes in Ontario.

I'm looking forward to exploring more on this site and I've already learned so much!!!


Welcome to BYC

You might check in on some of the Canadian threads, located in the Where am I - Where are You section - just scroll through the threads until you find them. And a trip to the Learning Center would likely be helpful, there are many good articles on housing and raising chicks and chickens. Have fun.

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